Design Services

  • Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel
  • Renovation and ReDesign
  • Interior ReDesign (see below)
  • Color Consultation
  • Custom Window Treatments
  • Space Planning
  • Re-Upholstery
  • Custom Made Cabinets
  • Specialty Bedding

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What is Interior ReDesign?

Interior ReDesign is the art of rearranging your living space or office with the furnishings and treasures you already own. Our ReDesign Services will blend your personality and furnishings to create a more functional space, while complimenting and enhancing your lifestyle. Our ReDesign concept is simple, inexpensive, yet rejuvenating.

Why ReDesign?

  • It gives your room a fresh new look with a sense of harmony and balance
  • To declutter your room(s) which can help you think more clearly and improve your well being
  • You are very busy, have little time, and a limited budget
  • You want a beautiful, healthy, and organized space, but don’t know how to start
  • You have started a remodeling project and need help bringing it all together
  • You are trying to combine two different households into one cohesive look
  • You have moved into a new home and using your existing furniture, you need help with space planning (positioning furniture, which can help provide balance and interest in your new home)

The ReDesign Process


We start by getting to know your needs, desires, and future vision of your home. We will work together and share ideas to create a realistic and creative plan.


We will collaborate and explore how we can create a fresh new look for your space. We will work with your inspired colors, textures, and themes, and always work within your lifestyle and budget.

Selection and Planning

We can select your favorite furnishings (chairs, tables, lamps, rugs, artwork, etc) to create a cohesive plan for a beautiful ReDesign. If new furnishings are needed, we will create a “theme board” and a layout drawing to help envision your future space. 


In this stage, we will physically rearrange your furniture and accent pieces to match our initial plan. Your room will start to take shape – walls can be painted, your artwork is chosen, and a theme is created. Your room will reflect your own personality and a look that suits your lifestyle. 

Finishing touches

This is when we add the finishing embellishments, such as live greenery, personal photos, accessories for color, and warm furnishings. The room is finalized, and your room’s new look will be complete.

Carrie Yoshida
Certified Redesign Specialist
Authorized Hunter Douglas and Comfortex Dealer